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Bikers T-shirt for USA biker events

There are almost 500 Bikers T-shirt events take place in the whole USA.

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It is annual motorcycle rally held in Laughlin, Nevada, USA. This event is held on last weekend of the April.
The river run was started in 1983 with 426 participants. Its idea was conceived by Harley Davidson dealer Dale Marschke, who wanted bring his customers on a fun weekend ride. It is real exotic event for all the riders present on the whole west coast not only for them but for the whole world. There are great events held there i.e concerts, Ms. Laughlin River Run competition, Bike shows, Poker runs and various charity events. You will see some of world best bikes there, hot women and some exotic fashion trends like denim jackets with cool styles on them and many more.
2016 Laughlin River Run will be held from April 27 to April 30, so pack your bags, prepare your ride and be there on time.
This event is held annually on Daytona Beach, florida, USA. Approximately half a million people make there way to the rally area For the 10-Day event.
The Daytona beach Bike Rally started as the Daytona 200 race on January 24, 1937.The event is usually held on the first full week of March and contends with the most popular rally in the USA “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”. It’s festivities include Bike racing, Concerts, parties, fashion shows and street festivals. People from the whole globe visit this bike week.
In1991, another bike event was also created, which held in October and was named Biketoberfest. You will see some exotic bike styles there and Daytona official logo shirts and jackets are more popular than any other style.

This glorious rally is world biggest bike rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, usually first full week of August.
This was first held on August 14, 1938, by the “Jackpine Gypsies” motorcycle club, who still operate this. The first event of this rally was ” Black Hills Classic” which consisted a single race, nine participants and very few audiance.Riders from all over the world bring their rides here. Last year official attendance was about 739,00 which is really a large number.The festivities of this rally are concerts, body painting, bike shows, races, stunt shows and many other exotic events. The dress trends here are from everywhere but custom bikers love their typical dresses like sleeveless jackets with cool things on it i.e skulls, angel wings, flowers with guns and their own group logos. This is a must visit rally for any bike enthusiast.

The Thunderfest is a two day event celebrating motorcycling held annually during the 2nd weekend in May. It is Europe’s biggest motorbiking festival.
Thunderfest (then Thundersprint) was founded on October 8, 1997 by Frank Melling. The first edition of it was held at Hoghton Tower, near Blackburn and then moved to Wigan, South port, Manchester and eventually Northwich, Cheshire as it grew in size. At the heart of the event are the sprint races and there are classics mainly for classic motorcycles but with some more modern bikes. In 2014 thunder fest moved to Derbyshire’s Darley Moor Circuit, which may become its permanent home. Its name was changed to Thunderfest in 2015 before it was called Thundersprint.There are alot of fun activities at the event like Track sessions with sprint races, concerts, a funfair and trade stands.


    Road Trips On Two wheels

Motorcycle trips demand far more planning than the equivalent journey on four wheels. Though riding provides an inherent sense of freedom, practical limitations require bikers to think ahead when choosing to hit the open road to mountains and beaches.

What Should You Wear?

You’re going on road trip on your bike and now you can’t decide what to wear? You’ll want to spend your time exploring on your ride and talking to locals, not doing laundry and waiting your clothes to dry, So, try to bring fast drying clothing from undergarment to denims and shirts.

Now coming toward styles, make sure you have a full helmet to save your skull, face and eyes too. If It will be cold there so wear a leather jacket with cool prints like flames or angel wings on it or long sleeve zipper in cool color and cool style.  You can wear any fashionable t-shirt or sweat shirt underneath. You can find various designs of t-shirts and sweat shirts on www.bikerspride.com. Sleeveless or short sleeve should be worn in warm road routes. Now coming towards the bottom, wear denim jeans blue, black, grey or whatever color you like and a belt on waist. Men should wear simple work jeans not that skinny or baggy and women can wear skinny jeans with long boots. Shorts should be worn on warm routes. Men should wear leather boots with some heel. Also don’t forget to carry sunglasses.


Make sure you have a luggage rack on your ride and you have a saddle bag or magnetic bag. Few things that your luggage must include:

  • Waterproof armoured motorcycling jacket, armoured gloves, knee safety guard and extra pair of boots.
  • A pair of slippers, 2 full sleeve shirts, few T-shits, extra Pants, night shorts, few pairs of inner wear and socks.
  • Sunglasses, water bottle, spoons, forks, scissors and knife.
  • Waste rags.
  • Don’t forget to pack your camera and lens kit.

Your ride may need few things:

  • A foot pump.
  • Tire puncture repair kit.
  • Spare clutch cable and accelerator cable.
  • Spare headlight and back light bulbs.
  • A strong duct tape.
  • Fuel cans and Oil cans.
  • Multi-function screw driver.
  • Spare brake shoe and pads.
  • Gps device, Atlas map and short distance radio (to stay in touch with fellow riders).
  • First aid kit.
  • Important papers like I.D and Bike registration papers.

Motorbike Check Up List

  • Look for anything lose, broken or missing.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Adjust your chain and lubricate it.
  • Look for engine’s external oil, fuel or coolant leak.
  • check your battery.
  • Check your controls i.e brakes, clutch and throttle operation.

Now fill up your tank and you are ready for your cheerful and airy trip!!!


Riding a hot rod bike does make you look hot but If you want to look hotter, you must wear some dashing outfits and cool accessories. Suppose you are going to an event like Laughlin River Run or Daytona bike week, than you have to wear something really hot.

It doesn’t matter what type of helmet you have on your skull but its color scheme must be in contrast with your ride’s color. You can also have some sticker or something engraved on it for example skull, guns or flames.

Jackets really plays an important role in improving your looks. You can wear jackets, zippers or denim with cool phrases and other stuff on them like “River wing skull”, “Guns with roses” or “Cross angel wing”.
You may also like wear cool sweatshirts. If you are a rider and love sweatshirts, then we recommend you to try Laughlin RiverRun’s Official sweatshirt. Some t-shirts with skulls or any other cool print will also work.

Women can also wear tank tops. We can find a wide range of tank tops for a lady biker in any shopping mall or area.

Denim jeans in black or grey will look hot on guys. Guys should avoid skinny jeans or baggy jeans. Slim-fit or boot-cut jeans will be pretty convincing. Distressed denim jeans will work well for ladies as long as they are tight. Holes in the jeans are optional. Consider adding some tears or rips to the jeans to create the right impression. Wearing a black leather belt with your denim jeans is always a classy touch. Avoid wearing too much denim at once. Ladies should consider a short, tight black skirt with a denim jacket. Guys might want to go with some grey or black work pants when wearing a denim jacket to maintain a nice balance.
Men and women should both own a pair of leather boots. Boots should be black or brown and have a buckle around the outside ankle and up around the top of the boot and a heel to help grip the pegs of the bike. Boots for men should go up to the mid-calf. A biker girl can wear boots that go up higher to around the knees. The bigger the better.


Wear sunglasses which suit your face, some chain and a cool pendant in your neck, few cool bracelets and a watch in your hands. Fold the bandana into a long strip and tie it around your head to create a do-rag.

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