Road Trips On Two wheels

Motorcycle trips demand far more planning than the equivalent journey on four wheels. Though riding provides an inherent sense of freedom, practical limitations require bikers to think ahead when choosing to hit the open road to mountains and beaches.

What Should You Wear?

You’re going on road trip on your bike and now you can’t decide what to wear? You’ll want to spend your time exploring on your ride and talking to locals, not doing laundry and waiting your clothes to dry, So, try to bring fast drying clothing from undergarment to denims and shirts.

Now coming toward styles, make sure you have a full helmet to save your skull, face and eyes too. If It will be cold there so wear a leather jacket with cool prints like flames or angel wings on it or long sleeve zipper in cool color and cool style.  You can wear any fashionable t-shirt or sweat shirt underneath. You can find various designs of t-shirts and sweat shirts on Sleeveless or short sleeve should be worn in warm road routes. Now coming towards the bottom, wear denim jeans blue, black, grey or whatever color you like and a belt on waist. Men should wear simple work jeans not that skinny or baggy and women can wear skinny jeans with long boots. Shorts should be worn on warm routes. Men should wear leather boots with some heel. Also don’t forget to carry sunglasses.


Make sure you have a luggage rack on your ride and you have a saddle bag or magnetic bag. Few things that your luggage must include:

  • Waterproof armoured motorcycling jacket, armoured gloves, knee safety guard and extra pair of boots.
  • A pair of slippers, 2 full sleeve shirts, few T-shits, extra Pants, night shorts, few pairs of inner wear and socks.
  • Sunglasses, water bottle, spoons, forks, scissors and knife.
  • Waste rags.
  • Don’t forget to pack your camera and lens kit.

Your ride may need few things:

  • A foot pump.
  • Tire puncture repair kit.
  • Spare clutch cable and accelerator cable.
  • Spare headlight and back light bulbs.
  • A strong duct tape.
  • Fuel cans and Oil cans.
  • Multi-function screw driver.
  • Spare brake shoe and pads.
  • Gps device, Atlas map and short distance radio (to stay in touch with fellow riders).
  • First aid kit.
  • Important papers like I.D and Bike registration papers.

Motorbike Check Up List

  • Look for anything lose, broken or missing.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Adjust your chain and lubricate it.
  • Look for engine’s external oil, fuel or coolant leak.
  • check your battery.
  • Check your controls i.e brakes, clutch and throttle operation.

Now fill up your tank and you are ready for your cheerful and airy trip!!!

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